About the Film

KATE BOWMAN (Jocelin Donahue) is a straight-laced, by-the-books social worker who finds herself plunged into a world of supernatural terror while investigating a series of deaths where people died in their sleep. The victims all reported being terrorized by a dark entity that paralyzed and tormented them, before eventually killing them. Kate is joined in this quest by EVAN (Jesse Bradford) an artist who is slow to believe that something supernatural is occurring.

Feeding Evan’s doubt is DR. SYKES (Lori Petty) an expert in sleep disorders. She’s convinced the victims all suffered a common but frightening sleep ailment called sleep paralysis. Dr. Sykes assures Kate and Evan that while sleep paralysis is scary, it’s not dangerous. But soon, Kate is approached by HASSAN DAVIES (Jesse Borrego) an eccentric doctor who was discredited for his unorthodox practices and beliefs. Hassan informs Kate that the evil entity haunting people’s nightmares is very real. Even worse, now that Kate has started studying it, she has opened herself up to the dark entity. Belief is the doorway that lets it find its victims.

Kate tries to brush off Hassan’s dire warning, but she soon finds herself falling victim to the dark entity she’s been investigating. And by talking about it to her family and friends, she’s caused them to start to believe.

As the terrifying entity stalks Kate’s friends and loved ones, she realizes that she’s brought death to the people around her. Now, she and Evan must fight to stay awake and get to the truth, in order to stop the nightmare she’s unleashed from claiming them all.

About Sleep Paralysis

If you haven’t heard of sleep paralysis, consider yourself lucky. It’s widely and historically reported to be one of the most terrifying phenomenons that happen to human beings on a regular basis. Statistics say 1 in 3 people experience it at least once in life, but many have severe chronic episodes that can last years or even a lifetime. These cases seem so vivid and real to those that suffer, they often fear for their lives and are deathly afraid to sleep.

Throughout history, countless cases of sleep paralysis have been reported, and a recurring theme is the feeling of a demonic presence in the room. Victims oftentimes report an old woman or demon-like presence sitting on their chests and choking them, and/or preventing them from breathing. This “Night Hag” entity is blamed for unexplained deaths during sleep of perfectly healthy people in cultures all around the world.